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Summit Staffing Solutions

An Outsourcing Solution that Works!

Summit Staffing Solutions breathes new life into companies by maximizing workforce productivity in conjunction with workforce quality.

Our clients are provided with a platform that allows them to meet real-time business volume with maximum efficiency.

We bring welcome relief to companies suffering from skill gaps and inexperience among staff by delivering productive and motivated associates who will outperform – maximizing peak performance.

As a leader in the staffing industry we take an innovative and proactive approach to staffing, ensuring that companies’ specific needs are always met.

We use interactive, telephone and Internet-based technology to screen candidates 24/7. This state-of-the-art technology allows us to capture more qualified associates than ever before.

Additionally, our pre-screening and vetting protocols combined with stringent assessment and on-boarding practices provide a level of protection that is unparalleled to any other company in the staffing industry.

Unequaled Value

Accelerate productivity and boost the bottom line

Summit Staffing Solutions understands the many complexities of labor and demand for today’s companies.

Delays in client timetables and inexperience among employees can prove costly. We are here to meet these needs. Operating on-site at a clients’ facility or through one of our local Summit Staffing Solutions branch offices a dedicated management team oversees the recruitment and management process of quality personnel. Our expertise in the staffing industry ensures an advanced approach to necessary change that ultimately accelerates productivity and boosts the bottom line.

From orientation to job-specific instruction, Summit Staffing Solutions associates are trained using techniques customized to the client workplace – reducing workforce skill gaps and rapidly driving productivity.

Quality Personnel

Summit Staffing Solutions associates are proactive and dependable,
and seamlessly represent our clients.

As an additional service, Safeguard <i>Plus</i> — Summit Staffing Solutions associates are held to the highest of standards, a tool developed by us with our clients in mind. Safeguard <i>Plus</i> is a proprietary background screening tool that allows Summit Staffing Solutions to monitor associates on an ongoing basis through regular background screening updates that alert us if improper information is detected. Safeguard <i>Plus</i> detects a potential liability risks, which in turn, further protects clients. Safeguard <i>Plus</i> allows us to assist clients in all aspects of placements in industries such as logistics, assembly, light and heavy industrial as well as hospitality, foodservice, housekeeping, special events and office administrative.

Ensuring the proper fit is one of our top priorities.

Statistics show that new hires that went through a structured on-boarding process were 58 percent more likely to stay on the job longer, thus creating higher efficiency levels in today’s “lean manufacturing” industries. Our formalized on-boarding programs assist in workplace set-up, procedural policies and new hire training. We then solicit feedback from the associate and the client to ensure that the match is advantageous to both parties. We aim to reduce turnover and provide our clients with long-term employees.

Due to Summit Staffing Solutions’s wide-reaching recruitment, diversity education and training is implemental in the success of our staff.

Outsource staffing requires high-collaboration among associates in the most diverse environments. We pride ourselves on preparation and adaptability making teamwork possible in even the most strenuous of situations.

Summit Staffing Solutions understands the importance of safety practices.

We recognize the significant bottom-line impact of safety practices. Striving to protect clients and associates our safety program promotes the understanding of and compliance with safety regulations through ongoing training, reporting and recognition of safety excellence.

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